The Route

Taken fom the official H2R website:


H2R follows its own route through Europe.

The key to a good route is to get a good balance of roads. H2R’s new route is around 300 miles longer, but takes in the Italian Alps.

Each day there will be a challenge. These challenges are currently being dreamed up. Usually in alcohol fueled drinking sessions. Things seem so much easier to work out after 4 pints.

The rally starts in Calais on 26th July 2010 and finishes in Rome on the 30th July 2010.

Rally registration will start at 6pm on the Sunday evening, and finish at 9pm so allow for plenty of time that evening!

We would recommend that no one travels to Calais on the Friday morning as it is a long drive to Montelimar!

Day 1 – 26th July 2010 – Calais to Montelimar

Straight down the centre of France. Depending on time calculations there may be a quick blast into the middle of Paris.

This is a long run of around 600 miles, so don’t hang around.

The challenge may well be an observation challenge so that you don’t stop too much. The key is to get to the end of the day in decent time.

Day 2 – 27th July 2010 – Montelimar to Menton

Today is a fabulous blast to Monte Carlo by way of the incredible Gorge du Verdun.

You have a choice – you can either have a relaxing afternoon seeing Monte Carlo, going to the beach, or attempting the World Rally Championship stages for the Monte Carlo Rally.

If you choose to see the rally stages you must have a car that is in good condition. Special attention to brakes is a must. You must also agree to drive the stages properly and not like a rally driver. It is the rally’s responsibility to ensure that everyone drives safely.

The evening’s stopover is a charming little place called Menton that we discovered in planning the very first H2R. Like all our carefully chosen venues, we are looking forward to taking H2R back in October. Teams that get into Menton early can enjoy a stroll along Menton’s beach, shops, or take in the casino.

Day 3 – 28th July 2010 – Menton to Stelvio

Day 3 takes in the Italian Alpine lakes and lands at the top of the one and only Stelvio.

Day 4 – 29th July 2010 – Stelvio to Sottomarina

There will be a challenges on this day.

The challenge could be based around Operation Venice of previous years, but that could be difficult to beat! Rest assured, we will come up with something equally memorable, though.

Sottomarina is a short drive south of Venice but will be significantly cheaper than Venice hotels.

Being south of Venice also makes it easier to get on the road the following morning.

Day 5 – 30th July 2010 – Sottomarina to Rome

This is a strange day. We have many miles to cover. If your car is knackered by this point you may not make it.

Head straight for the A13 Autostrada and then the A1 to Rome. Carry on towards Naples, and take a right after 45 minutes. Job done.


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