Our dear Captain Triff is one of those bike-type blokes, who likes nothing more than messing about on two wheels at stupid speeds on a racetrack, or at stupid speeds across muddy Welsh mountains for hours and hours…and hours…and hours. Oh, what fun it must be.


It was, no doubt,  during one of these leisurely weekend two-wheeled cruises that Triff came up with a novel idea of how to save some weight on racing bikes, and that in the end would make them go that little bit faster. Owning his own engineering company (Cobra Precision Engineering) also helped him achieve his goal.

After going through testing with CAME Yamaha Raceways, the current leaders of the British Supersport Chamionship, Racing Batteries was born (

CAME Yamaha Raceways

Triff says: “Save over 2 Kg from your race, track bike or kart today! Our high performance lightweight batteries use advanced technology to give you an edge on the track – how else can you save so much weight for so little money?

 We manufacture a range of lightweight direct replacement batteries for race and track bikes, replacing the standard heavy lead acid unit with the latest in lightweight lithium phosphate technology.

 Not only are Racing Batteries much lighter, they’re also more powerful than lead acid units, starting your bike faster and more reliably time after time.

 Racing Batteries use Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, made by our suppliers to exacting quality standards.  We carefully assemble these cells to give you the power you need to reliably start and run a sports bike, and package them robustly in CNC manufactured bodies so they can stand the load and vibration they’ll experience on track.”


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