Day 1 complete

26 07 2010

We got to Calais at about 5pm last night and registered our team with the organisers. Our team stickers were put on the car at the hotel car park (after a few beers).
I did try and do an upload last night but the WiFi connection kept dropping out.
This morning we turned up at the quayside in Calais with the other sixty-eight teams and picked up our task for the day. The end point of the day was to meet at the hotel in Montelimar, which is a drive of just under 600 miles. On the way to Montelimar we had to stop off at the old and disused Grand Prix circuit at Reims and take photos of the old buildings and then have a team photo taken.
We left there at 12:30 and headed south for the rest of the days journey. We finally arrived, tired and stiff, at 6pm. We are now ready for a drink, a meal and a good nights sleep.


On our way

25 07 2010

We’re now at the Channel Tunnel waiting for our train. We picked Edd up, took a couple of photos of the whole team and sent some off to the Daily Echo. This should be the last post from the UK.

Ready to go and we’ve hit our charity target!

24 07 2010

The car is ready. We’ve put the stickers on…they could look better but we’re not entering a concourse competition here are we!
The boot is nearly full already…nuns costumes, water guns, tow rope, some basic tools, warning triangle, spare bulbs, hi-via vests and a second spare wheel! We’ve still to fit four bags in there as well!

We’re booked on the Channel Tunnel at 2:50 tomorrow, so we’ll be picking Edd up at midday. We have to take a couple of photos of the four of us at Edd’s house and quickly email them to the Daily Echo in Southampton. They were meant to come to my house today to do a piece on us for Mondays edition but the photographer got sent elsewhere instead. They did a kind of telephone interview with me and asked for a photo tomorrow and it will still make Mondays paper. I’m hoping it makes it on to their website ( so I can have a look at it while we’re in France.

I am very happy to day that tonight we hit our fund raising target of £1,000!!! We currently stand at £1,021, so a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated so generously. It doesn’t stop there though, the whole piece in the Daily Echo is to try and raise awareness of what we are doing so we might hopefully get some e
Create donations from that story on Monday. Also, the company I work for have apology that they will match employee fundraising, to a maximum of £500 per person per year, so that means our actual total at the moment is £1,521. How good is that!

The fun starts tomorrow. We are all very excited now.
I’ll update again tomorrow night when we are in our hotel in Calais.

Last few bits

23 07 2010

2 sleeps left to go before the off!

Just a few last minute things to be sorted over the weekend – get Euros, apply stickers to the car, pack bag, charge camera, get photos taken by local newspaper, pull together a meagre toolkit, jump-leads, check if the car actually has a jack (!)

Getting very excited now!!!


22 07 2010

The local Southampton newspaper, the Southern Daily Echo is coming round to my house on Saturday afternoon to take a couple of photos of us with the car. The story will appear in Mondays edition of the newspaper.

Yes, it will be after we have left but it will help publicise our charity fundraising efforts. Our target os £1,000 and we are nearly there, so this will help give that last push to achieve that figure.

If you haven’t already donated then please follow the link below and give as much as you can.

Uh Oh!

21 07 2010

Just had the car battery tested.
Diagnosis: we need a new one. It has a dead cell so it is only pulling in 10v Tom the alternator and is getting worse.
A friend is going to source a cheap replacement for us tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
Otherwise we’ll be bump starting it a lot.

Who wants a fight!!!

20 07 2010

The last four in the shop!