Car Preparation

17th July
The car has been spray painted by Triffs mate Dave who happens to be a spray painter (how handy!). From start to finish:




Only "sponsor" stickers to be added now and we'll be ready for the off!

16th July
The painting process has started, at last!
The original paintwork has been sanded down ready for it’s new coat which will be going on tomorrow.

3rd June:

OK, on this page I will upload pictures and updates of progress on getting the car ready for the trip.

This first picture is how the car looks at the start of the process

The car came from Edd’s brother-in-law as he was going to sell it anyway and get a more up to date one. Thankfully he had recently done some work on the clutch and brakes, so all those should (hopefully) work fine. The brakes will really come in to their on on the Stelvio Pass!

Edd has the car at his house in Kent at the moment, but myself Russ and Triff will be taking it down to Southampton for the paint job to be done. We had been discussing various ideas and options. The usual Starskey & hutch suggestion was made, quickly followed by the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazard and Kitt from Knight Rider. Then Russ played around with the photo and spawned the child of all three!

There were some other weirs suggestions, including this one (from me):

I don’t think this one is a winner! However, it would succeed in making all other road users feel very nauseous.

The banger rally starts in Calais on Monday 26th July, but registration is on Sunday 25th…in Calais. Sunday 25th July is Edd’s 1st wedding anniversary! guess who might be in for some grief from the missus! So, as a special wedding anniversary gift myself, Russ and Triff have decided that Edd will not find out about the paint job we have decided on until we turn up with the car on 25th July at his house to collect him before heading to the channel tunnel and Calais. What are true friends for, eh!

Triff has been asking some favours of some of his contacts and he might be able to pull something out of the bag for painting the car, so fingers crossed on that one.

For the time being the car is being stored in Edd’s garage. And it seems the battery is constantly being charged:

Hopefully, once it gets moving the battery will stay the course!

More soon.


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