About us

Were are Kev, Russ, Edd and Triff.

Kev –


Triff –



Edd & Russ –

Edd and Russ

Edd and Russ


We have known each other for about twenty years (make that thirty+ in Edd & Russ’s case) and we are all turning 40 in 2010 so wanted to do something together to mark such a glorious occasion.
Russ & I spotted Justin from StreetSafari (www.streetsafari.com) on a stand at earls Court during the Sunday Times MPH car show in 2008. From that moment we thought it would be a great thing to do for all our 40th birthdays.

Triff is a proper engineer and runs his own company and races bikes, so he should be able to fix things if they go wrong. He is also our team captain. He’s easy to spot…about 6’4″ with hair nearly the same length!

Edd, for fun, owns a 1980’s Alfa Romeo, so he should be able to fix things if they go wrong. Let’s face it, he gets plenty of practice.

Russ and I will hold their beer cans while they fix the problems!

We will be setting off for Calais on Sunday 25th July, which also happens to be Edd’s first wedding anniversary, so no doubt he’s had some explaining to do to the wife to earn those brownie points.

I’ve had a lot of  brownie point earning to myself as my wife is expecting our second child just over two weeks before the departure date.  It’s only that we know it’ll be a c-section and the fact that my wife has asked her Mum to move in while I’m away that I’ll be able to take part. Otherwise, it would have been far too close to call and I would have dropped out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though.


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