About Home2Rome

This is taken directly from the official H2R wesbite:

More bangers, returning to their home lands…

Home2Rome takes in most of the Grand Tour.

The Grand Tour was started in the 17th Century and involved young English Gentlemen travelling to Paris, Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome over 3-4 years, taking in and celebrating the culture as they went.

Well, we reckon the same thing can be done in 4 days.

If you leave out all that serious, educational stuff they threw in there. Hey! Celebrating the culture! We’re all about that… heehee.

Where is Home?

Home will be Calais. We can’t start in the UK for several reasons, the French being top of that list. You just know that some French group will get cheesed off about something and blockade the port. Again.

So, we’ll start on their doorstep instead.

That will teach them.

Where is Rome?

If you don’t know where Rome is, you probably ought not to be on this rally! Only kidding, this could be a great experience in map reading.

Rome is like Naples except Rome isn’t a hole, you (probably) won’t get shot, the chances of being mugged are that much lower, and they don’t drive quite as dangerously as their Napoli cousins, but they are still nuts when they get behind the wheel of a car.

Whats the Prize?

You mean besides the overwhelming relief, absolute amazement, and earned respect of your fellow ralliers for having rattled and banged your way to the end with the most points?

The Team that manages to acquire the most points over 4 days of hard driving and (sometimes quirky) challenges will get £1000 in cash.

The second place team will win £350 and the third place team will win £150.

You must, however, make it to the end! No good breaking down 5 miles from the finish line, unless you intend to push it!

We will also give away several awards to Teams who we feel have earned it. These will be decided throughout the year, however, the current list is:

Biggest Pile Of Rubbish
Longest Team to Hitchhike
Best Bodge

As always, other awards are always being dreamt up, and all non-points awards are subject to exclusion without an award-worthy entrant.


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