Latest charity figures

16 08 2010

I have just got back to work after a week off on paternity leave and got an email telling me to go see our CEO’s PA and collect a cheque for £500 which my company has given to our fundraising. Thank you Arqiva!

Arqiva run a scheme where they will match the charity fundraising up to a maximum of £500 per employee per year, so I wasn’t going to miss out on the opportunity to increase our overall numbers!

Our target was £1,000…our current total raised so far is a fantastic £1,916. I’m going to keep nagging and pushing people to get that last £84 to hit the £2,000 mark!

Thank you again to everyone who has donated.

PS: I’ll be putting some new photos up very shortly.


Charity fundraising update

2 08 2010

Our fundraising target of £1,000 was acheived the night before we set off for Calais and we have now hit a total of £1,261. A HUGE thank you to those of you who have donated to the future research into beating cancer.

The company I work for will soon be giving me a cheque for £500 which will also be added to this total. that will take us to £1,761.

I wonder if we will be able to keep going for a while longer and get to the £2,000 figure! All we need is another £239.

PS: I should be able to get a lot more photos loaded onto this blog over the next few days, so keep watching!

We’re famous…not!

2 08 2010

As mentioned before we left for Rome, the Southern Daily Echo (th elocal Southampton newspaper) did a telephone interview with me and I emailed them a picture of all four of us from outside Edd’s house. They told me that the story would appear in the newspaper on Monday 26th July, but it didn’t appear until the Tuesday.

This is my first day back in the land of reality (work) since H2R so have just found the link to the story on the Daily Echo website. Here it is: