Day 3

28 07 2010

Left Menton just after 9am and the temperature was already in the high 20’s.
Our task today was to present the organisers with photographs of 7 cars of various colours. Each colour is worth different points (Black 2, Blue 3, Green 4, Yellow 5, Brown 6 & Pink 7). Plenty of Black ones and Blue ones, but as you can imagine there aren’t that many Brown or Pink ones. Those with the highest points win. And yes, we could just present 7 pictures of Pink cars for a maximum of 49 points. Pink cars aren’t that popular in Italy as it turns out! We ended up with 3 pink, 2 brown and 2 yellow for the most points out of all the cars we photographed.

The end point of today was the Albergo Folgore hotel at the top of the Stelvio pass. Our route takes us past Milan, Lake Como and then Sondrino before passing through Bormio and on to Passo de Stelvio.
We decided to drive straight to Lake Como and spend some time there doing the proper tourist bit. Unfortunately we got stuck in a horrendous traffic jam on the motorway just outside Como…
We sat in that traffic jam for about an hour and a half with the engine off to avoid overheating in the 32 degree heat…we don’t have aircon afterall.

We eventually got moving and headed to the waterside at Lake Como for some lunch. The lake is amazing, and you can see why it is used for films all the time.

Our route from Como up to Stelvio took us up the East coast of the lake, so I was hoping to get some really good photos and video. But, that road is basically all tunnels! Out of one tunnel and straight into another one so no chance of scenic pictures. Lots of video of tunnels though! One of them was just under 4 miles long!!! We must have gone through at least 60 tunnels in total today.

Heading up the Stelvio Pass was great, hairpin after hairpin and climbing to 3000 metres. Bearing in mind that we were wearing shorts and flip-flops this morning, it was a major shock to the system when we made it to the top and there are snow patches on the ground still! Changed into jeans and trainers really quickly. It’s chuffin freezing up here!

Don’t know what our task is tomorrow, but first thing in the morning we will be dressed as nuns and having a water fight just outside the hotel. That won’t be cold at all will it! Not sure I’m looking forward to that bit anymore.

After the water fight we will be heading towards Venice for our daily task, before going to our hotel for the evening in Sottomarina about 20 miles south of Venice.




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29 07 2010

There is a pink Fiat 500 outside. I could have sent you a picture of that!

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