HOW MUCH!!! Insurance.

24 06 2010

We’ve started the trawl to get the car insured from 1st July.

Edd used a short-term policy when he got the car MOT’d a few months back and that cost £60 for a couple of weeks. That was only him on the policy though!

Now we’re looking for four of us on the policy they want £314.10!!! I nearly dropped my bacon sandwich! Another quote was nearly £250! We’re going to have to get clever with this! We’re not paying that sort of price.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.




One response

25 06 2010
Fiona Kerry

Try Lancaster Insurance. They do cheap insurance for older cars if you already have access to another car. Mine had a 3000 mile limit (not sure how far Rome is???) but cost about £125 for a Golf.

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