4 06 2010


One of the rules from StreetSafari is that one of the days of the banger rally is traditionally a fancy dress day. For a few years they have got everyone to dress up as The Stig.

This year, the theme is Nuns! We will be driving through Italy, the home of the Catholic church dressed as Nuns!!! Basically, one of the organisers thought of the film Nuns On The Run and went with that.

None of our wives seemed to0 keen to make them for us so we have to buy them instead. Where’s the love? Where’s the support?

I’ve located men’s sized nuns habits on Ebay and am waiting for them to be delivered now. £7.99 each! At that price I doubt if they’ll be of the finest quality material, so they should be lovely to wear on a hot summers day in Northern Italy. We’ll just have to remember not to stand too close to naked flames!




2 responses

8 06 2010

The habits might be cheap but lingerie will be expensive!!!
Actually, dressing as nuns in Italy is bound to get you arrested. Good luck and I’ll look forward to the phone call.

9 06 2010

Should we be fundraising for bail money instead of for charidee then!

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